3D-Print Conference 2019

The maturity of 3D-Printing is finally on the horizon. Early adopters and 3D-print dwellers already hoped for this stage of the market years ago. But all indicators these days point in the same direction. Investments are going up, software platforms get integrated, standards are well underway, machines are getting faster and better and industrial material providers are entering the marketplace. But above all, business cases are easier to find. Large corporate companies like BMW, Adidas, Airbus and Starbucks have a complete digital supply chain strategy and many organisations are starting with a spare part digitisation project.

So, if you are not investigating or implementing the possibilities of additive manufacturing (AM) as of now, you have missed something. Nevertheless, this event provides you with a unique opportunity to meet with industry experts, get to know the technological specialists, learn from the business cases and examples in the market, get insight in the design possibilities and meet your peers. In one day your up to speed with the market. There are enough market parties present that can help you to make your first or the next steps. Additive manufacturing is here to stay, make sure that it is part of your strategy.

Meer informatie over de 3D-Print Conference en de aanmeldlink staan op de website.


Locatie: Smart Industry Fieldlab 3DMZ. Oudeweg 91-95, Haarlem
Datum: 12 november 2019
Aanvang: 11.00 uur
Geplande eindtijd: 18.00 uur