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Good standing and an attractive entrepreneurial climate

Facts and figures

The Waarderpolder is the largest business park of Zuid-Kennemerland and the jobs engine of Haarlem. On 2.5 km2 no less than 1100 businesses are located. Here some 14,500 people earn their living, accounting for almost a quarter of the employment in the city. A business in the Waarderpolder has more than 14 jobs on average.

The Waarderpolder has been awarded two prizes: Best Restructuring Project in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (in 2015) and the Award for Best Restructured Business Park of the Netherlands 2009-2011 (in 2009).




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It goes without saying that you can find meeting, event and conference locations in the Waarderpolder. As well as some 20 hotel and catering establishments with the best cappuccinos, salads, sandwiches and meals. There is childcare available and if you would like to exercise before, after or during your working day there are a number of places you can go to.

There are also plenty of facilities in the authentic historical centre at a distance of merely 6 minutes by bike. You can take your Dutch and foreign guests to a wide variety of places. There are various tophotels to choose from for overnight stays.

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Meet the Business Developer

Marijn Leijten is the Business Developer of the municipality of Haarlem. He can tell you exactly which location at Waarderpolder Haarlem Business Park or elsewhere in Haarlem fits the ambitions of your company. The Business Developer will help you to make the right connections and let your company excel.

Ask me a question or call me +31 23 511 3153